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AT&T Drive is a multifaceted connected car cloud-based automotive services delivery platform that offers infotainment and telematics services, branded interfaces, simplified modern design patterns, standardized application framework and set of RESTful APIs to enable best in class, unified experience for production and prototype vehicles.

When extending capabilities beyond provided demo apps and services AT&T Drive supports developers with free standardized tools and coaching needed to learn to develop and deliver content for vehicles through AT&T Developer Summits and hackathon events.

Natural Voice Command & Control
Site Automation API Architecture
Unified User Experience
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Natural voice command & control architecure

Natural voice command & control architecure

Site Automation API architecture

Site Automation API architecture
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UX Features

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AT&T IoT Platform

Together our IoT services portfolio provides a powerful end-to-end solution for developing your connected product

What can I build with AT&T Drive?

AT&T Drive makes it simple to build your next connected car application or service.

  • Customer portal
  • App market
  • What can I help you with?
  • Alarm example
  • Newsbeat listening

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